Stone and Canvas Portraits

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Jan Singleton

Pet Portraits, handpainted rocks, handpainted pots

If you don't have any furry kids but would like some, I paint lots of other animals on river rocks.  These little guys are the perfect, no mess pet. There are guinea pigs, turtles, penguins, dogs, cats - all sorts of creatures.  Take a look at the "Critter" Gallery

And make sure you check out the "There's More" page for other pet portrait options like Xmas baubles and pendants.




I am a self taught artist and started drawing at a young age, pretty much from the time I realised there was more you could do with a pencil than eat it!  I have always loved animals and loved drawing so combining the two was a natural progression.  Animals have such soul and depth and I try to capture that in my painting. I paint pet portraits in both the traditional style and for something a little different, on river rocks (purchased from landscape suppliers).   My preferred medium is acrylics (the only medium suitable for the rocks) but I have experimented with watercolours, pastels and coloured pencils.  Take a look at my Pet Portrait page for more details and examples of my work.

Both the traditional portraits and rock portraits are painted from your photos so it is important to have a clear, close up shot of your pet.  Check out my photo tips page for a few helpful hints when taking your pics and also some FAQ's to help answer any questions you might have about ordering your portrait.


 My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am ....

I paint bright, colourful terracotta pots too!  If you would like a pot that is unique and not the same old thing you find in stores these days, please check out my Pots page .... lots of designs to choose from.

PS: I also have a website dedicated to my 3D Resin Art.  Love you to take a look ...