What size images shall I email and how many should I send?

The image size as it came from your camera is best.  You can send a few at a time if necessary. The more photos you send the better. Indicate which photo you think best represents your pet.  Also let me know which photo best depicts your pet's true colouring.

What else can I send that will help?

Where possible I like to have a little information about your pet - their likes, dislikes, personality, favourite toys and what makes them special to you.  This helps me connect with your pet when I am painting.  After all, we will spend a lot of time together by the time the portrait is ready to go home!


  • The perfect pet portrait photo is taken at eye level with your pet.
  • Don't stand looking down at your pet as this distorts the image.
  • Get down on your knees or lie on the ground and look into your pet's eyes.

How long will it take?

I like to allow 4-5 weeks for traditional portraits and 3-4 weeks for rock portraits. If it is for a gift and there are time constraints, then I will do my best to have it finished for you but this does depend on orders I have at the time. The other option is a Gift Box.  See more information on my Gift Boxes on the pricing page.

  • You can also put your pet on a chair or table if that is easier to get an eye level shot. 
  • Take some shots from a side view as well, but again make sure you are at eye level.
  • Take some full body shots to show markings and colouring.
  • Take some photos with the portrait in mind, i.e. an expression you like.
  • Take the photos outside in natural light - an overcast but bright day is ideal.  Try to avoid direct sunlight as this can alter natural colouring.
  • Avoid indoors with a flash as this causes red eye and alters colouring.
  • If you would like your pet looking up in the portrait, have someone else attract their attention while you take the photo.
  • Background is important - avoid white or very light backgrounds as this can under expose the photo. Darker backgrounds are best.
  • Don't crop off body parts like ears.   

How should I send the photos?

Email is best as digital images are usually clearer than a printed photo and you don't have the risk of losing the photos in the post. If you have digital images but don't have email then we can discuss options.  If you only have printed photos then you can post them to me or if you live in Brisbane I may be able to arrange to collect them.  I will take very good care of your photos and return them with the portrait.

What if my pet has passed away?

Send me as many photos as you can even if you think the photo isn't clear enough. The more images I have, the more accurate the portrait will be. When I receive the photos I can then discuss details with you like correct colouring, etc.

Photo Tips

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