Don't forget to check out the "Critter Gallery" where you will find an array of beautiful, no maintenance pets.

Custom Xmas Baubles  $45 each.

These are fun little characters that I designed to make kids smile .. and it worked.  These little guys feed on positive energy and happy thoughts and because they are always hungry, they need lots of feel good stuff on a regular basis. They are a fun way to encourage kids to keep thinking of happy thoughts each day to feed their little friends.  Funky Friends come in a mesh carry bag with care and feeding instructions included. 

The Minions are here too with Spiderman, Sponge Bob, Angry Birds and more.

And there's the guardian angels that kids love for fairy gardens and adults like to use while meditating. 

Funky Friends


Rock Pendants


The rocks that I use to paint my pendants come from Italy.  They are collected on the beach and then ground into heart or oval shapes by my friend Claudio.  When painted I coat them with a resin like glaze to give shine and protect the artwork.   All pendants include a leather cord.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of your pendant.  You can order via the contact form.

Xmas Baubles


Let your pet help decorate your Xmas tree - have their portrait painted on a bauble.  The baubles are 80mm and include your pet's portrait and name on the bauble, plus their name in beads on the ribbon.  As with all my pet portraits, a really good photo is essential.  Please place your order early (cut off time for overseas orders is October) to ensure your order can be completed.  Just use the contact form to order.


Stone and Canvas Portraits

Other Rock Critters

Custom Rock Pendants - $45 each.