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Larger rocksPOA

Pet beds

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Traditional Portraits

Rock Portraits

** Framing is not included in the above prices **

Pet portraits make a wonderful gift but sometimes time is an issue or you cannot get photos of the pet.  A gift box is the perfect solution.  Inside the gift box will be a note from me indicating that I am a pet portrait artist and have been commissioned to paint their pet.  It will include all my details so that they can contact me when they are ready to have their pet immortalised.  There will be photo tips and FAQ's and even some little treats for the furry kid. 

Gift Boxes

Stone and Canvas Portraits

Gift Box Prices

Traditonal Portrait on mount board - Head and Shoulders - $120

Rock Portrait - $80

Head & Shoulders
21cm x 30cm (10x12)
Larger SizesPOA
Full Body
21cm x 30cm (10x12)
Larger sizes