Handpainted Terracotta Pots

I love to paint bright, colourful pots - something you just cannot find in the stores.  I started painting pots because the same old things you find in the shops just didn't do justice to my beautiful plants.  My latest pot designs are "puss" and "pup" pots and I also paint floral and Mexican themes, all in vibrant colours.  Take a look through the slideshow - you mind find something that your plants would just love to live in. 

All pots are numbered so If you would like to order any of the designs just contact me and let me know the number of the design you like and the size.  If you prefer different colours, that is not a problem.  

Prices range from $12 to $30

Pot sizes are 9cm to 18cm and any design can be painted

on the size of your choice.  You can also mix and match colours to suit your taste.



Stone and Canvas Portraits